What is the idea behind SKIN46 ink?

It is literally like the lyrics in Frank Sinatra’s song: “I’ve got you under my skin!”: SKIN46 extract the carbon out of the hair of your loved ones and manufactures a tattoo ink. This way you feel the strong emotional bond.

Whose hair can be used for the SKIN46 ink?

The hair of any person or pet you love can be used to make SKIN46 ink.

How much hair is required for one SKIN46 ink?

Approximately 5 g / 0.17 oz is required to manufacture one SKIN46 ink.

Is SKIN46 ink safe to use?

Yes absolutely, SKIN46 ink is safe! Each SKIN46 ink is manufactured in our Swiss laboratory in compliance with the highest quality standards of Switzerland, which are the world’s most stringent regulations for tattoo ink.

How much does SKIN46 ink cost?

The price for a custom made SKIN46 ink, including taxes and delivery, is USD/CHF/EUR 590. Up to ten people can be combined in one SKIN46 ink for the same price.

How many tattoos can be made using one SKIN46 ink?

One SKIN46 ink is sufficient for approx. thirty small tattoos or up to ten large tattoos.

How can I order my SKIN46 ink?

As soon as it‘s available on Kickstarter or directly through our webstore.

Is there any difference between human hair and animal hair?

No, in respect for manufacturing a SKIN46 ink.

What colour is SKIN46 ink?

SKIN46 ink is always black.

Can SKIN46 ink also be used for colour tattoos?

Yes, since most tattoos are outlined with black lines or has other black parts.

Which tattoos can be made with SKIN46 ink?

All kind of tattoos.

What about hair of deceased or seriously ill persons?

We can extract medically clean carbon out of any hair.

Why I should not DIY with cremation ashes or hair?

We analyzed both. You do NOT want these very toxic substances pure in you.

What is the difference to so called DNA tattoos?

DNA in the skin will not last and is toxic. Encapsulated DNA are plastic parts without any physical connection possibility.

Is there an scientific proof for SKIN46 ink?

Yes, besides our certificates and the witnesses of two supervisors there is an scientific proof possible with isotopic analysis. But it is quite expensive.

Are there already people with SKIN46 tattoos?

Yes, watch the videos.

Does SKIN46 ink have a use-by date?

The bottle of SKIN46 ink has a shelf life of one year as it is sterilised and sealed.

Does a tattoo made with SKIN46 ink require special care?

No, but it requires the same treatment as every tattoo.

Can my tattoo artist use SKIN46 ink?

Yes, any tattoo artist can use SKIN46 ink.

My question is not answered in this FAQ ?

Please contact us at: sales@skin46.com

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