SKIN46 AG is a Switzerland based Start-up. Founder & Inventor, Andreas Wampl, patented a method for producing a tattoo ink made of human and/or animal material, changing the tattoo world forever.

SKIN46 ink meets the Tattoo Ink Regulation of Switzerland requirements and also fulfills the recently updated Tattoo Ink Regulation of European Community (EC) rules, which are the two strictest guidelines for tattoo ink in the world.

SKIN46 is working on a much anticipated crowdfunding campaign.

Andreas Wampl

Inventor & Founder / CEO

Makani Terror

B2B Business Relations

Johanna Pötsch PhD

Head of Research & Development

Tattoo Dydy

Lead Tattooist & Application Technology

Nael Atweh

Head of Media

Andreas Haselwanter

Head of Design

Romana Nett-Casotti

Administration & Accountant

Sean Gowdy

Filmmaker, Editor

Natalie Wampl

Social Media & Customer Care

Alissia Matt

Social Media & Customer Care

Michael Clouse